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You can recover the value of losing contracts .As we all know that many traders lose or suffer sharp declines in their accounts, which constitutes a terrible psychological pressure that ultimately spends more losses, even the full margin.
In this system, Global Market offers you the ultimate magic solution for you in this market, in cooperation with Easy Market, your loss will return you cash immediately.

Subscription steps

1-Open a real account easy market Then trade normally
2-You will send us your MT4 account number and password
3-We will send you an email to activate the system on your account, and it will have a link to a scheduled file, in which you will put the number of the losing deal, the value and its type
4-Complete the trading on your account, and on the first day of each month, you will send us a file of losing trades on the email, so that the value of the total loss for the written deals will be calculated.
5-Global Market will review the deals and send you the value of the losing trades as instant cash on the 15th of every month
6-In the following month and all months the same thing is repeated, your loss is returned and your profits are yours