26 Apr

The health of the Korean leader is in danger. Amid speculation of death


 satellite imagery showed, amid speculation about his health that has been caused, in part, by a protracted period out of the overall prominence. The satellite photos released by 38 North, an internet site specializing in Asian country studies, don’t say anything about Kim’s potential health problems, which they echo South Korean government

Asian country founder Kim Il Sung. Kim Jong Un is that the third generation of his family to rule Asian country, and he hadn’t missed the April 15 event, one of the year’s most important

South Korea:No information to corroborate US media report that Kim Jong Un gravely ill Kim’s health is of crucial importance thanks to worries that the extreme illness or death of a frontrunner venerated with near godlike passion by various North Koreans could cause instability within the impoverished, nuclear-armed country. Many experts in Republic of Korea downplayed speculation that Kim is seriously ill. They also said Asian country won’t likely face a significant immediate turmoil whether or not Kim is incapacitated or dies because somebody else like his influential sister Kim Yoo Jong

Kim Jong Un’s train has been parked at the Leadership train depot servicing his Wonsan compound since a minimum of April 21, the online site 38 North said Saturday, citing an analysis of recent satellite photos of the globe

assessment of the info as “speculation.” Danny Russel, a former National SC director and assistant secretary of state for Asia who has proscribed Asian country within the past, cautioned that rumors have abounded for years about Kim, his father, Kim Jong Il, and his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, and most clad to possess been false.

  South Korea’s presidential office said last week that Kim looked as if it would be handling state affairs normally which there had been no suspicious activities, like an emergency

North Korea’s state media still remain silent about the surface speculation on Kim’s health, pub-7373328021562142, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0