05 Nov

As more votes get counted and more states get called and also the possibility that Joe Biden will have won the 2020 presidential election becomes more real 

 Two days after polling day, the country continues to be waiting to seek out out who the subsequent president are going to be, and as anxiety grows, people are employing different methods to handle it: Biden is telling his supporters to hold back and anticipate all the votes to be counted, while Trump is demanding that votes stop being counted in cities that are likely to vote against him. Others, like White House “spiritual advisor” Paula White, are simply praying for Trump's victory. On Wednesday, a video of White made the rounds, where she was preaching in rushed and nonsensical tones that bordered on demonic tongue. “We break and divide every demonic confederacy against the election, against America, against that who you've got declared to be within the White House,” White said, chanting so quickly that every word blended into the following. “We break it up within the name of Jesus. We lose confusion into demonic confederacy directed straight away at this election, directed specifically at the six states." And in fact, the age-old prayer: "We come against folks that are acting at high levels at once with demonic confederacies and secrecies and demonic plans and networks, we break it up and that we command that it's exposed right within the name of Jesus.” White later went on to assert that "Angels are dispatched from Africa"  

this is often Trumps spiritual adviser Paula White. Who is currently leading a service in a trial to secure Trump's reelection. Not like we wanted much confirmation, but Trumpism is has all the trimmings of a full blown cult.

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